Restructuring Cultural Landscapes
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Welcome to REKULA.net!

REKULA is a project within the Community Initiative INTERREG III B (CADSES) of the European Union towards furthering economic, social, cultural and territorial collaboration in Europa. The objective of REKULA is the development of a Europe-wide applicable set of tools to manage cultural landscapes that have undergone thorough change and disturbance in short time periods.


One important objective of REKULA is a management handbook to support the revalourisation of landscapes.


Within five different workpackages the REKULA-Partners deal with several aspects of the consequences of industrial uses for the landscape.


With the enclosed "letter of intent" we would like to invite you into a Europe-wide discussion process, to exchange the existing experiences, ideas and best practices in the field of industrial landscapes.

Letter_of_intent.pdf   54 K

The upcoming meeting “Landscape International” in September 2004 could be a good starting point for a Europe-wide exchange of experience.

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IBA Fürst-Pückler-Land, Germany, Lead PartnerThe Veneto Region, ItalyFondazione Benetton Studi Ricerche (FBSR), ItalyThe Municipality of Zabrze, PolandGliwice University, Poland
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